Indiana is the 19th US state that joined the Union. It is part of the Great Lakes Region, and its capital is Indianapolis. The largest city of Indiana is Indianapolis. It is the 16th largest in terms of population, yet only the 38th largest in terms of area. Indiana residents and natives are known as ‘Hoosiers’, although the origin of the name is a mystery.

The state is often referred to as ‘the Land of the Indians’, or simply ‘the Indian Land’. It most probably got its name because it Indian settlement goes way back in this state. In fact, Indiana holds the best preserve primeval Native American sites in the United States of America.

Indianapolis has many small towns with only one major city. It is best known for its sports teams and events: the Indiana Pacers (NBA) and Indianapolis Colts (NFL) are highly revered in the sports world. It is also home to the largest one day sporting event in the planet, the Indianapolis 500.

Indiana is home to the one of the largest and greatest industrial center—the Lake Michigan waterfront. The center stretches up to 41 miles and is the leading producer of iron, oil and steel products. Other products include automobile, accessories, machineries, furniture and pharmaceuticals. Corn is the chief agricultural product of Indiana. Wheat, tomatoes, poultry, onions and soybeans are also produced in the state.

While in Indiana, make sure to visit Wyandotte Cave, Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, Motor Speedway and George Rogers Clark National Historical Park.

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