Kentucky is a US state located in the East Central Region of the United States of America. It became the 15th state of the USA. Geographically, it belongs to the Upland Southern states, although culturally, it is essentially part of the Midwest. Kentucky is among the first four states which constituted the US commonwealth (Kentucky, Virginia, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania). It is the 36 largest in terms of land area, and the 26th largest in terms of population.

Kentucky also had quite a history. It was originally a part of Virginia, but gained statehood by 1792. It was a slaveholding state with high abolitionist population, so Kentucky was both supporting the Union and the Confederate during the Civil War.

Kentucky is known as the ‘Bluegrass State’. The state has diverse environments and resources, and it has the world’s longest cave system, in Mammoth Cave National Park. It has the largest population of elk, deer and turkey in the US.

Kentucky produces US’ best horses, whiskey and tobacco. Other agricultural products are soybeans, corn, hogs, cattle, fruit and dairy products. In Kentucky, other major manufactured items are: steel, iron, textile, lumber, machinery, brooms, aluminum ware, automobiles and furniture. Kentucky has huge sources of coal, petroleum, natural gas, clay and fluorspar.
Of course, Kentucky is also well known for Kentucky Fried Chicken, which originated here. Kentucky is also known for its bluegrass music and home to the world’s best race horses. While in Kentucky make sure to visit Mammoth Cave National Park, Nolin River Lake, Taylorsville Park, the Lincoln Home and Wickliffe Mounds.

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