Maine is the 23rd state of the United States of America, located in the northeastern region. The state of Maine is bordered by New Hampshire, Quebec, New Brunswick, and the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast. Until the year 1820, the state was an enclave of Massachusetts. The capital of Maine is Augusta. It is known as the ‘Pine Tree State’.

Originally, the territory was inhabited by Algonquian speaking people referred to as the Wabanaki, which includes the Penobscots, Abenaki and Passamaquoddy. The French initially inhabited the area on 1604, and later on by the English in 1607. As of 2008, the state has a total population of 1,321,504.

Maine is best known for its amazing scenery. Maine has more than 2,500 lakes & 5,000 streams! Maine’s jagged, rocky coastline, stellar lakes, beaches, scenic seacoast and low mountains are popular landscape subjects for photography. Maine is also best known for its seafood cuisine, such as clams, sardines and lobsters. The state of Maine chiefly produces agricultural products and seafood delicacies. The state produces 98% of the nation’s blueberries. Other agricultural products include apples, potatoes, vegetables, dairy products, eggs and poultry.

There are plenty of activities you can do while in Maine, such as white water rafting, baseball, boating and fishing. While in Maine, try to visit Bar Harbor, Allagash National Wilderness Waterway, Acadia National Park, First Church, Roosevelt Campobello International Park and St. Croix Island National Monument. Maine is also home to many numerous lighthouses such as Whaleback Lighthouse, Boon Island Lighthouse, Goat Island Lighthouse and Cape Neddick.

Maine Top Cities