Montana is the 41st state to be admitted in the Union. Its capital is Helena, while Billings is its largest city. The state is known for having a mountainous region in the west which is part of the Northern Rocky mountains. This geographical feature is reflected in its name, Montana, derived from montaña, the Spanish word for mountain. Montana is called by different nicknames such as “Land of Shining Mountains,” and “Big Sky Country”. The state’s slogan is “The Last Best Place.” Montana has the 4th largest area, but ranks 44th in population. This makes it rank 3rd among the states with the lowest population density in the US.

The economy in the east is based primarily on ranching, oil, coal and wheat farming, while the west is dependent on lumber hard rock mining and tourism. Millions of tourists from the US and other counties visit Glacier National Park, the site of the Battle of Little Bighorn and the three among the five entrances going into Yellowstone National Park.

The Hell Creek Formation in Montana is also a major source of dinosaur fossils. Jack Homer, a paleontologist of the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, attracted the world’s attention after several major finds. Jane, the most complete tyrannosaurus rex, was found in Hell Creek in 2001. Montana is the location for the movie “Star Trek: First Contact”. Brannon Braga, the producer, is from Bozeman, Montana.

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