Cox’s Bazar

Boats on the beach of Cox’s Bazar
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

Bangladesh may not seem like a summer destination for beach lovers, you can enjoy the sun and beach Cox’s Bazar. This town at the south eastern part of Bangladesh is known to locals as a fishing port and also called “Panowa” or yellow flower. The town was named after Captain Hiram Cox of the British East India Company. He felt so much for the local inhabitants that he started rehabilitating the town and the refugees. This act of kindness struck the residents of Panowa and named a market after Captain Cox after his untimely death which was called Cox’s Bazaar. It eventually turned into the name of the town.

Like most tropical regions, Cox’s Bazar has very heavy annual rainfall and extremely hot summers. The temperature ranges from anywhere between 35°C and 16°C. Although the cold seasons are desirable it would defeat the purpose of visiting the beaches. It is advisable that you bring lots of sun block if you do intend to soak in the sun.

Most tourists really visit Bangladesh and Cox’s Bazar in particular for its long sandy beach, which is said to be the longest in the world. It starts from the mouth of the Bakkhali River and stretches all the way to Teknaf and even exceeds the boundaries of Cox’s Bazar itself. There are many resorts surrounding the beach although it is suggested you visit Laboni beach which is closest the town proper. You can also visit the Himchari, a picnic ground that attracts tourists because of its waterfalls. There is also a white sand beach known as the Enani beach which usually has less people than the Laboni beach.

People also visit the Dulhazra Safari Park, which serves as an extension of the Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar animal sanctuary. The safari showcases domesticated elephants that you can ride on, lions, Bengal tigers, bears and various species of birds and primates. You can also go island hopping and visit St. Martin’s Island, located just 10 kilometers off the Teknaf peninsula. It is the only coral island that can be found in Bangladesh.

You can also visit the largest Buddhist temple in Bangladesh known as Bandarban which is just a three-hour bus ride from Cox’s Bazar. Or you might want to try going to Rangamati which features historical museums on the local tribes, temples, markets, hanging bridges and even palaces.

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