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Venezuela is divided into 23 states, takes pride in a town filled with so much history. Cumana, Venezuela is the capital of Sucre State and is even the hometown of South American hero, Antonio Jose de Sucre. Andres Eloy Blanco, one of the largest contributors in South American literature also graced the said town, playing a part in its rich history.

Currently, this town has a population of over 35,000 and positioned just about 402km east of Caracas’s capital. Because this place is Europe’s first colony in South American land, this place will look not like any other modern cities. Though this town had to face several reconstructions due to attacks, evidences of colonialism in terms of architecture would still be seen. Earthquakes also contributed to the destruction of some of the original buildings, leaving only buildings made in the 17th and 18th century standing. Those that were built in the 15th century when the town was first colonized and during the 16th century all crumbled because of the attacks caused both by man and nature.

Even with this, there are still wonderful sites to visit in Cumana. The Iglesia de Santa Ines, though, built in the 1920s has artifacts dating back to the 1600s. One of which is the 16th century statue of their Patron Saint.

Old homes of legendary South American artists are also being displayed. Apart from this, some of the most important collections of these artists can also be seen in several museums in the town.

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