Palacio de Cristal in Curitiba, Brazil.
Photo by: frz, Creative Commons

Curitiba is a modern city in the southern part of Brazil. It is the capital of Paraná state. The city of Curitiba is starting to be famous with its new development. People are recognizing it for its highly notable urban development. It even won a UNESCO award for such an achievement. With this, it is a must see place to experience and go to in Brazil.

The city has a temperate climate during summer and in winter has the coldest temperature compared to other areas in Brazil. It’s geography consists of smooth rounded hills and mountain ranges that surround the city. It may lack the beaches of other popular Brazil destinations, but boasts of its well developed city and well preserved historic buildings amidst the urban changes. It has 26 well-preserved parks that consist of diversified flora and fauna.

Originally Curitiba is a gold mining camp founded in the 17th century. It eventually became the capital of Paraná and continuously grew. Cultures mixed when a number of immigrants continuously arrived in 19th to early 20th century. And today with its growth and innovative urban development it evolved into an ideal city.

Curitiba today is described to have well groomed grass parks, amiable cityscapes, beautiful historical buildings, and an efficient bus transportation system. It is pleasant to have a walk around the city. There is the Linha Turismo or Tourist line that offers a tour of the city. There are regular buses available at certain points of Curitiba. It stops includes the parks of Tanguá & Barigüi, Memorial Ucraniano, Opera de Arame, Rua das Flores, Rua 24 Horas, Teatro Paiol, Jardim Botanico, and Santa Felicidade. This tour starts from Praca Tiradentes, from 9:00 am to 5:00pm, available from Tuesday to Monday. Each stop allow 30 minutes for exploring about.

Curitiba’s gardens reflects it different influences. French influences provided the inspiration for its botanical gardens. It has greenhouses with intricate metal structure. A carpet of flowers welcome visitors at the entrance. The Italian and German Woods have distinct characteristics that reflect each of its influences. The German Woods have a replica of an old church. The Italian woods on the other hand are a venue for festivities such as Grape and Wine parties hosted by the Italian community. The Japanese Square features a series of cherry trees and artificial lakes. The Tingüi and Tanguá parks are more of the urban developed ones.

November 15 Street is one of the best places to have a stroll in Curitiba. It is a pedestrian-only street that was built in 1972. Museums are also a must-seen destination in Curitiba. One of the most notable museums is the Museu do Olho or Museum of the Eye. It was said to be an extravagantly designed museum to look like the Paraná Pine which is one of the city’s symbols. It is a landmark that is hard to miss.

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