Archway into Cusco
Photo by: Theodore Scott, Creative Commons

Imagine a city with a rich, colorful history bathed in natural beauty. This is what the city of Cusco means to most travelers. Known worldwide as the “Archeological Capital of the Americas”, Cusco does not only boast of its impressive Inca ruin, but also of its awe-inspiring places and vibrant culture.

Cusco is the cradle of Peru’s history. This is where the once powerful Inca Empire was established. No wonder it was referred to as the country’s main tourist destination, welcoming thousands of foreign visitors every year.

Visiting Cusco, Peru will never be the same without having a tour at the ruins of Macchu Pichu, one of the “New Seven Wonders of the World”. For an ancient citadel, Macchu Pichu is such a mystical place to behold. Located at the Peruvian Andes, this citadel was discovered by the US archeologist Hiram Bingham. Since then, tourists became eager to travel down the famous Inca Trail. Like any other citadels in the site, Macchu Pichu tends to transport the visitors back to the time of the great Inca Empire.

Aside from being an interesting archaeological site, this beautiful city of Cusco is also home to the serene and panoramic natural wonders. The famous Sacred Valley, located 15 kilometers north of Cusco, can be seen from a distance. The best historical spots that can be found in the city were located at its main square (called “Huacaypata” by the Incas). This is where most of the important events in Cusco took place such as Francisco Pizarro’s proclamation of Spanish conquest.
Although most cities today are gearing up for modernization, the rich culture of Cusco has remained lively and conservative as ever. Cusco has preserved several festivities such as the festivity of the Lord of Coyllur Riti and the Virgin of Carmen. Aside from this, Cusco’s art is very striking. The unique woven pieces that the locals produce such as the alpaca, Ilama and vicuna wool garments always fascinate the travelers.

To experience Cusco in a delicious way, visitors are encouraged to discover a wide array of local dishes. The hospitable Cusco locals recommend visitors to try on their very own Rocotto Relleno. This dish was different from other contemporaries because it uses big rocotos, and is usually served with roasted potatoes. Another tasty offer is the Puchero, which is served every Tuesdays during the carnival. With so many “chicherias” and “picanterias” that can be found around the city, local cuisines are sure to satisfy every visitor’s cravings.

As one of Peru’s prime city, Cusco is also a place where culture and contemporary tastes thrive. Nightlife in Cusco is just about the same fun as having leisure tours in archaeological sites during the day. Disco, pubs and restaurants are great attractions at sundown.

Cusco is a city that is perfect for every traveler. Whether it is for the ancient ruins, fine tradition or distinct local cuisines, Cusco is an amazing place to spend the vacation.

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