Da Lat

Da Lat
Photo by: ruben i, Creative Commons

In the early times, Da Lat has been a favorite place for vacations among French colonizers of Vietnam. Because of this, they have developed wonderful places with the natural landmarks in Da Lat. Until now, Da Lat has maintained its natural beauty, attracting a lot of tourists every year. For Vietnamese locals, it has also been a favorite destination for honeymoon vacations. Moreover, the following are famous places that must be visited upon touring around Da Lat:

• Prenn Fall
This is a waterfall located in the heart of Prenn pass. The waterfall is fantastic to see along with the natural flora and fauna around it. You can also observe the wildlife around the falls.

• Xuan Huong Lake
This lake is about five kilometers in length and a very pleasant place to spend some holiday activities. Tourists can paddle boats around and some adventurers also go for windsurfing here. Taking a walk around the lake is also fabulous especially with your love ones.

• Linh Phuoc Pagoda
This is where the large statue of golden Buddha is kept. Upon visiting the temple, you will learn some cultures about the religion of Buddhism. The garden surrounding the temple is also magnificent.

• Valley of Love
It is also known as Thung Lung Tinh Yeu Park. In the center of the park, there is a small lake made and tourists often do little activities in it like riding a boat. Tourists often enjoy strolling around the lake with the beautiful scenery of nature.

Upon planning your trip to Da Lat, organize first the destinations that you plan to visit. There are also a lot of vacation houses here as well as hotels and souvenir shops. Generally, it has a cooler climate than any other places in Vietnam, so you can enjoy wandering around the beautiful places in Da Lat!

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