Dabou is one of the small cities of Cote d’Ivoire that’s located on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. It’s famous for its friendly residents and native handicrafts, including small manmade boats. Though simple and partly rural in nature, Dabou has wide roads and is pretty much liveable.

The temperatures here are hot and humid. But that’s not really a problem because rainfall is abundant as well. And for those who want to look for cooler areas in the city, Dabou has vast forests filled with great and notable African animal species. There are also highlands and rounded hills. There are also clean rivers that flow toward south.

Dabou is generally dependent on agriculture when it comes to economy. As they are not as urbane, most people live on personal agriculture. They eat what they plant or what they take care of (for animals). Like other cities, the farmers here grow maize, bananas, yams, rice, pineapples, coffee and cacao.

When in Dabou, most tourists can find simple accommodations, most of them, small native huts. There are also wooden lodges and luxury cottages with great views over lakes and vast land; and their guaranteed to be malaria-free. Dabou is not really for those seeking the city life, but for the nature trippers and the lovers of culture. It’s perfect for those who like to go strolling and site-seeing, especially when it comes to safaris. The nearest airport from Dabou is that from Abidjan, the country’s de facto capital and commercial and banking center.

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