DongDaegu Station, South Korea
Photo by: alshain49, Creative Commons

If you are going to visit, South Korea, you should include on your itinerary its third largest city, Daegu. The place is also referred to as Taegu, the principal and capital city of the province known as Gyeongbuk. All throughout the Yeongnam region, Daegu has been hailed as the center of economy, culture and politics. Looking back in ancient times, the city used to be part of the Silla kingdom. These days, this is known as one of the major cities in Korea with its progressive development, especially in the field of fashion and technology.

The climate in the city is often humid subtropical. The highest temperature that it was able to record was at 40 degree Celsius and the lowest is at -20.2 degree Celsius. Its people are known to be conservative, patient, and very modest.

To make sure that you see most of its attractions, you can try using its City Bus Tour. The tour starts at 10 in the morning everyday and this is open all throughout the year.

Among the most famous spots in the city that both tourists and natives often visit is the stone Buddha that can be found at the top of Gwanbong in Palgongsan. This is where the Gatbawi can be seen, a stone Buddha that many believe to grant wishes and desires. You may also want to visit its popular temples that include Pagyesa, Buinsa and Donghwasa. All these places contain artifacts that mirror the city’s rich past.

If you want Korean medicinal herbs, it is recommended that you visit its oldest market. The Yangnyeongsi is located at Namseongno, dates back for over 350 years. In the midst of the urban area in Duryusan, you can see the tallest contemporary structure in the area, which is the Daegu Tower. This houses an observatory where you can take a peek at the good views of the whole city.

There are different attractions and activities while you take the tour, shopping centers, museums and a lot more.

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