City lights in Daejon, South Korea
Photo by: Luke Hoagland, Creative Commons

If you are considering South Korea for your next vacation, you may want to visit its fifth largest city, which is Daejeon, the capital of the South Chungcheong province.

Daejeon is now hailed as the cradle of Korea’s cutting edge science sector. This houses 232 research and education institutions, including the renowned science education organization, the KAIST University. To make the most out of your visit, carry a map along with you wherever you go. You can get one at the information desk in EXPO Park. You can also get one at the Daejeon Station.

Here are some of the things that you can get yourself busy with while visiting the city.

If you love hiking Daejon has a lot to offer in way of trails and routes to explore. These popular sites for hiking include the Mt. Sikjangsan, located in the southeast part, in the southwest, there is the Mt. Gubongsan, Mt. Bomunsan and Mt. Jangtaensan in the south, and Mt. Gyejoksan in the northeast.

You should also take a peek at what’s being offered at the Daejeon Observatory. Here, you can observe celestial bodies at night or the sun during the day. This facility is open at two in the afternoon and closes at 10 in the evening.

You will have various selections of shopping spots and places. You can also eat different meals at various restaurants in the city that offer many kinds of specialties.

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