The coastline of Dangriga, Belize.

Photo by: martijnmunneke , Creative Commons

Located in the southern part of Belize is the small town of Dangriga. This small town is considered an ideal tourist destination for those who wish to get to know a bit more about the locals and the culture of the country. You will find that there are many friendly locals in Dangriga who will be very happy to show you around the area and to help you understand the region you are visiting.

To get to Dangriga in Belize, you can take flights from Belize City via Maya Island Air or Tropic Air since these regional carriers do have a few flights heading to these areas of the country every few hours or so. You can also choose to go by bus or by boat, which also have transport services that go to this region of Belize every so often.

Tourists that take the time to visit Dangriga will find that they can see more of the town and get more of a feel for the place if they walk around. Take the taxi only if you are going to the airport or up north. There are a number of places of interest that you may want to explore in Dangriga and these include several marketplaces and craft centers like the Austin Rodriguez Workshop and GB Novelties. You can also find a treasure trove of local items at the Open Air market and find wonderful paintings by Benjamin Nicholas in his studio which is located in this town. If you are into hot sauces, you might enjoy a tour of Marie Sharp’s Factory which is also found in this town. They produce jams, chutneys and hot sauces made from local fruits and produce.

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