Dar Es Salaam

Dar Es Salaam
Photo by: smagdali, Creative Commons

Dar es Salaam literally translates as “House of Peace” in Arabic. This coastal city of Tanzania has great significance in terms of the country’s trade and commerce. It is a useful port city that links the islands of Tanzania together.

The city is located very close to the equator. Together with the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, the location causes the tropical climate of Dar es Salaam. Annual temperatures range from 65 degrees to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This warm “holiday” climate keeps the beautiful beaches busy. The Oyster Bay beach, in particular, has white sands and clean waters.

Dar es Salaam might be the “House of Peace” but it doesn’t sleep. There are endless fun things that can be done in Tanzania’s largest city. Inside or near the city’s heart are several attractions. These include the Botanical Gardens, the Clock Tower and the popular Kariakoo Market. Residents and tourists enjoy the restaurants’ world class cuisine. People can taste the popular “Mishkaki” or Shish Kabob and the “Nyama Choma” or roasted meat. Nothing beats traditional Tanzanian-barbecue cooking. They also offer Thai, Chinese, Indian and Italian foods.

People may choose from the many first class hotels in Dar. There is the elegant Royal Palm in the city’s center. Another example is the relaxing Oyster Bay Hotel, which faces the beautiful sea.

Besides being a paradise in itself, Dar es Salaam port connects people to other beautiful Tanzanian islands. In less than an hour’s trip, you can reach the beautiful Zanzibar Islands or visit great safari zones.

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