Mosque under construction
Photo by: jensimon7, Creative Commons

Darganata is one of towns in the Birata District of Turkmenistan, and this also happens to be its capital town. It is inside the Lebap Province that can be found in the northeastern region of the country bordering Uzbekistan.

Although Turkmenistan, as a country in Central Asia, is regarded as one of hottest countries in the world, a lot of tourists still visit this region and get attracted to the natural wonders there. The Lepab Province and Darganata are mostly proud of the environmental preservation sites found in the area. Examples of these are the Repetek Nature Reserve and the Köýtendag Nature Reserve which can be found along the Aýrybaba Mountain, the highest mountain in Turkmenistan.

There are also structures and architectural marvels offered by this region, most of them related to religion such as the mosques and statues. Cultural heritage is also preserved in this area by means of museum and also in the artifacts that are sold in souvenir shops. The rugs and carpets mostly associated with this region are usually designed in intricate manners that show shoe rich the culture of this country is.

Because the region where Darganata is located borders along Uzbekistan, travelers are not allowed to cross this boundary without the proper documents and travel visa. Most tourists are not aware of this and mostly have trouble dealing with authorities of both countries.

Although the weather is often hot and dry, most people would advise you to visit this country during the colder times of September to November so you could make the most out of your Turkmenistan experience.

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