Darjeeling in West Bengal

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Darjeeling, viewed from the hillside
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Darjeeling, a town located in West Bengal, which is near the Lesser Himalaya’s or the Mahabharat Range. It was one of the most desired hill stations during the British rule. Not only is it famous for its beauty and fresh air, it is best known for the export of high quality tea to the world. The total area of Darjeeling is 11 square kilometers with a population of a little more than 132,000.

Darjeeling is a holy destination for both Hindus and Buddhists of the city. Located near the summit of Ghum or Ghoom is Tiger Hill which has an elevation of 2,590 meters (8482 feet), both of which are within the Darjeeling Himalayan region. It is frequently visited for its proximity to get an ideal view of Mount Everest and Kanchanjunga, the third highest peak in the world.

Kanchanjunga is beautiful, surrounded by mountains and hills, with an elevation of 8,586 meters (28,169 feet), it has been recognized as the summer capital because of its year round cool temperatures. After cold and summer season, comes spring in which the whole town is draped colorful calm and wispy clouds that everyone loves to be a part of.

The crowd combines with Darjeeling to join in a big carnival-like atmosphere. Ghum is at an elevation of 7900 ft (2400 M) and home to the Ghoom Monastery.

Another attraction worthy of a visit is the Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park, said to be one of the best in India. One of the most exhilarating experiences you can have is the Drajeeling-Rangit Valley Ropeway (Passenger cable car today), Asia’s largest ropeway and should not be missed when you visit. The Ropeway allows you to pass through the clouds and afford a view of the tea gardens down below.

When it comes to the shopping, crafts, carpets, woodwork, and leatherwork can be bought from a Tibetan refugee self help center; where you can bargain your through some of the finest in the region. Trekking has been one of the most famous events which are conducted in both high and low altitude areas along with availability of trekking equipment.

There are two ways to reach to Darjeeling, one is through air transport to its nearest airport, Bagdogra; the second is by rail which allows you to experience a lot more of India. Although you can also take a bus from Siliguri to Darjeeling, it may be too much for the faint hearted.

The best time to visit is between March and September. Accommodation in Darjeeling is easy to acquire as the town is filled with hotels and resorts along with authentic healthy food for the palate.

2 responses to “Darjeeling in West Bengal”

  1. ajay singhal says:

    Dear Mr/Ms Editor,
    I a honourable resident of darjeeling , would like to inform you that most of the information given in the above article/post is fake and far from truth. Please before u post something know about it ,. your post is like i a alien writting the review on earth… let me correct few of ur points :
    1)tiger hill is not the highest point, the highest point is sandakpur and tiger hill is not only to viev kunchenjunga, it is visited to viev Mt Everest, the highest peak in the world… kunchenjunga can be seen from any point in darjeeling
    2)who on earth said u kunchenjunga is a hill station , its a mountain peak nd u cant visit it, u have to climb it so from where did the word summer capital come … its not jammu nd kashmir
    3)what makes u say that ghoom is the major destination , its just a visiting point nd in darjeeling there are numerous places to see not only museums
    and many more such fake information is filled in your article
    either make a good review or remove it … because post like yours will spoil the name of our hill station /town … not a “CITY”
    an advice visit darjeeling and see its beauty first
    a proud resident of DARJEELING

    with warm regards I quit

  2. Riztys says:

    Thank you for your comments. You are blessed to be a resident of such a beautiful place like Darjeeling. The corrections are evident as you will see. One can only hope to wake to such natural beauty each day, as you do.

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