Kakadu Evening in Darwin
Photo by: Phineas H, Creative Commons

It is almost always sunny in Darwin, Australia. Its tropical climate is a great outdoor vacation destination for people all over the world. Vacationing during the months of April through September is the best time for you to be able to experience the great outdoors. Darwin, small as it would seem, is a major tourist destination. It serves as a hub for nature park tours to places such as the Kakadu National Park, the Litchfield National Park, and the Katherine Gorge. The weather is very warm and sunny during the dry season. But, during the wet season, you can expect to experience thunderstorms and monsoon rains. These rains replenish the water that the dry season has sucked out from the landscape.

Darwin is another multicultural city of Australia. Its population is composed of both locals and immigrants mostly from Asian countries like Indonesia and East Timor. Visitors from Southeast Asia is not surprising as Darwin is considered to be a gateway to and from these countries. There are plenty of things to do in Darwin. Because the population of this smallest Australian capital city is relatively young, you can expect the city to be vibrant and updated. It is best to experience the city by taking walking tours, getting on and off the tour bus, or through rental bikes that you can ride along the designated path weaving in and out of the lush esplanade. From these paths you can already appreciate the breathtaking views of the harbor.

The young crowd in Darwin makes for a very exciting nightlife. The pubs and nightclubs in Darwin ooze with vibrant, youthful energy. Mitchell Street, the hub of Darwin’s nightlife, serves as the center of activity. Satisfy your gustatory cravings with the fresh seafood fare at the Cullen Bay. This and other restaurants in the city of Darwin have in their menus a mixture of continental selections and authentic Northern Territory food choices. These include mud crabs, buffalo, kangaroo and crocodile. You can expect that a platter of local seafood would not cost you an arm and a leg at the Stokes Hill wharf. You can even catch your fish in the world-class fishing destination that is Darwin. That’s fresh as fresh can be! More fresh food could be found at the Parap, the Nightcliff, and the Mindil Beach during weekends when Darwin is scattered with open air markets. Arts and crafts as well as other musical performances could also be found in these open air markets.

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