Volcan Baru in the background
Photo by: Ken Mayer, Creative Commons

David, Panama is the home of the two famous Davids in American Idol Season 9. Kidding aside, this city has the same number of the Davids fans – even greater. Being the capital of Chiriquí Province, David is also regarded as Panama’s third largest city.

About 40,000 meters away from the city rest the Fortuna Natural Reserve. Approximately 2.2 kilometers above sea level, this area is a place to different animals such as bats, birds and rodents. You can take pictures of the green scenery or build your campsite in the wild.

In the southern part of Chiriquí province, is David River with an incredible backdrop of the Volcán Barú, the tallest mountain of the country. From this out of this world site, comes the central park where different transactions are happening everyday. Even though raising cattle is the main livelihood, tropical fruits, cacaos and coffee are sold here as well. Vendors will shine your shoes out of the blue and invite you over a fresh drink as their way of welcoming tourists like you.

Around the month of July, the city celebrates Children’s Day Festival here. Your child will surely enjoy the festival’s entertainment for them. Another event where you are ought to be present is the country’s Feria Internacional de David. At this time, international companies gather here to promote and showcase to the community what they have to offer for the country’s betterment.

Since it serves as the main stop point when going to different districts of the country, it should be well preserved and cleaned for tourists. It may not be related to the two prominent singers of American idol but it will surely create a bang to your somnolent escapade.

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