Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach in Florida
Photo by: Daniel Schwen, Creative Commons

Daytona Beach is perhaps one of the United States’ most popular beaches, but not for the reasons that beaches are normally known for. Something is different about this beach that offers a whole new range of beach activities to visitors who flock the area annually. The difference lies on how the sand in Daytona Beach is packed more closely together thus creating a compact area where motorized vehicles can freely roam around.

This activity has become such a popular crowd drawer that Daytona Beach has become the place to go to for motorsports with the annual races on the Daytona Beach Speedway as the main event for over 50 years now. The popularity has also made Daytona Beach the home of NASCAR and the Grand American Road Racing Association.

But it isn’t just motorsports that draw people to the area. Daytona Beach has always been a top destination among families on vacation as well as for students on spring break. Motorsports areas have been designated on certain parts of the beach while the rest remain free for use by people who just want to enjoy the pristine waters and the warm climate – another reason why people love to go there.

There are a variety of activities that kids and adults alike can take part in such as kayaking, surfing, jet skiing, deep sea fishing, water slides, and riverboat excursions just to name a few. People who just want to take in the view may do so by renting a bicycle and going around the scenic spots that abound Daytona Beach. There is also something for the history buffs in the form of old lighthouses and other attractions from the past. The main activity though still remains to be motorsport as evidenced by the various events held every year in relation to the sport.

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