De Panne

The Coastline of De Panne, Belgium
Photo by: Wiki Commons, Creative Commons

One of the places in Belgium that is located along the coastline is De Panne. De Panne is a beautiful place where you can stroll along its sand, build sand castles, and swim with your loved ones. You may also do sand yachting on the beach if you want. And if these activities don’t interest you, try going to one of the many cafes or restaurants built around the place. You can taste their coffee, beer, ice creams and the ever famous Belgian waffles.

Besides these activities, you can also enjoy your visit here by exploring its nature parks. There are four nature areas in De Panne, and among these, the largest is called Westhoek Nature Park.

The busiest days in De Panne are during the summer holidays. Many people spend time not only in beaches, restaurants and nature parks. They also visit the shopping centers. Their Grote Markt has an interesting collection of medieval buildings that include the Stadius. In addition to this, there are the amusement parks near De Panne.

It is always a memorable experience to be in De Panne for your summer holidays.

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