Dead Sea

The Shoreline of Dead Sea, Jordan
Photo by: tracyhunter , Creative Commons

Going to Dead Sea, Jordan may not sound to be the most enticing trip you could ever embark in, but do not be deceived—you just might be surprised with what you will find. Deep in the valley of Jordan, 55 kilometers southeast of Amman, lies this spectacular and spiritual landscape. The sea is not only the lowest body of water, but the lowest point on the whole earth as well. There is certainly no other sea that can equate its grandness. Its treasures have accumulated through thousands and thousands of years and there’s absolutely more to it than simply being the world’s largest source of natural salts.

Despite its vastness, the Dead Sea is usually as calm as a millpond. Barely a ripple disturbs its surface, although it can be turbulent with the changing weather at times. As its name suggests, this body of water is devoid of life due to its high salinity and wide variety of minerals. However, in turn, it is famous for its curative powers, buoyancy, and therapeutic abilities that have always been recognized even thousands of years ago during the days of Herod the Great. Would you believe that aside from having some of your skin problems healed here, you can actually float on it without exerting any effort? Crazy you say? It’s true! That is why swimming here is something you should not miss. And if you are wondering if there’s a good hotel to stay in, the facilities around the area are actually very modern.

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