Deir Ezzor

St Simeon ruins in Syria
Photo by: Ai@ce, Creative Commons

Are you fascinated with Syria? Is your interest strong enough to make you visit the place? If you just answered yes to both of the questions, then here are a few suggestions when you visit Syria’s more interesting towns.

Ready? If you are, then let us start discovering Deir Ezzor.

This city is 450 kilometers away from Damascus, 300 kilometers from Aleppo and almost 200 kilometers from Palmyra. The traveling distance may seem quite long but it is not really hard to get there because you can find buses that take daily trips from the key cities to Deir Ezzor.

Walk! The city is not really that big, so if you do not mind getting some morning or afternoon work – out just do the exploring by foot. But if you plan to do this, just make sure that you are wearing comfortable shoes that would not give you blisters at the end of the day. However, if you think that walking does not agree well with you, you can always take a cab.

Note that Deir Ezzor is not exactly scattered with ancient ruins. But regardless, people still occasionally visit to just enjoy the easy – going town that is not bothered with too many ogling tourists.

Euphrates River
This river is significant to Syria because its entire civilization basically started from the banks of this same body of water. If you want, to appreciate the full beauty of the river, you can catch a tour that starts at the Al – Assad Reservoir.

The Market Place
Like in other places, the marketplace is where you’ll get a glimpse of the town’s culture. Here, you can try the local delicacies offered on the streets and you can shop for nice souvenirs that are made and sold by Syrian women that are often clad in colorful clothes.

Of course, this is the place where you should go if you want to take a deeper trip to Deir Ezzor and Syrian history as a whole. This museum is different from those you are bound to see because it’s rather well kept. It is not dusty and it has an interesting collection of artifacts that you just have to see.

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