Delos Island

Delos 400
Delos Ruins
Photo by: ForsterFoto, Creative Commons

For your travel plans, wouldn’t it be lovely to include Greece in your list? You might say that it is just filled with ruins, blocks of stone and barren land. Well, think again! Did you know that there is much to Greece than that? One of the best and favorite tourist destinations in Greece is at the Delos. You should visit this place since you will find it quite amazing to find out that in the translation of Delos is Brilliant?

When you visit the Delos, you would have a first-hand experience on why this island is such a sacred place for Greeks. To begin with, Delos is where Artemis and Apollo were born. Who would not know them? Well, brushing up on your Greek Mythology would really help you appreciate the place all the more and besides, that is exactly what the other tourists are doing! They got so enamored by Greece that they would like to know more about its magic and beauty in one single view.

You will definitely enjoy the archeological sites in Delos but make sure you do not touch them since they are still being studied by the Archeological Group of Greece so your fingerprints should not come in the way. You will also meet other tourists at the Sanctuary of Apollo. It was turned into a bar where you could taste the Greek cuisine. Just keep in mind that it is very pricey but you have to taste the food otherwise if you just stick to canned meat and bread plus the sodas you buy from the stores, you would not be able to understand why Greek food is simply so mouthwatering. Once you do eat in these restaurants, the common word to say to everyone is, “Jamas!” That is cheers in Greek.

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