Delta Works

Photo by: Vladimir Siman, CC

The Delta Works is an array of construction projects located in the Netherlands. It was built to cover a large area of the land around the Rhine-Meuse-Sheldt delta away from the sea. The main aim was to limit flooding around this area. This area was very low lying and had been subjected to heavy floods over a long period of time. The Delta Works comprises of sluices, locks, dams, dikes and storm surge protectors. It has been named as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

There was a major flood in this region in January, 1953 which killed over 1,800 people after a storm surge made around 89 dikes fail. More than 72,000 residents were evacuated and 10,000 buildings and homes were torn down. The repair and construction amounted to one billion dollars in cost. This caused the government to move forward with the project after it had been paused in the year 1950.

It was officially completed in the year 1997; however, the Netherlands continues to increase the infrastructure in it as need be. The construction will continue due to the need to protect this area against the soaring water levels that is caused by the global warming.

An Attraction Site

The Delta Works are in the Southwestern part of the Netherlands. It is an amazing spectacle which offers the students on school trips a chance to see great engineering in person. They get to see the development involved and also experience the fragile relationship between the environment and mankind.

It is not only an attraction site for students, but for many tourists too. People visiting the Netherlands can get an aerial view of the Delta Works form planes or helicopters. This aerial view displays a land of beauty; white thin spindles of the poplar trees that are topped with silvery green leaves, views of the Dutch dairy farms, with cows grazing in the lush meadows that are crisscrossed by unending small canals.

They also get to see the present dikes, storm surge barriers and the polders. The concept of the engineering works allows the progress of a unique estuary habitat with oyster, fish and mussel beds. These offer a spectacular site especially for marine life lovers.

Visitors can choose to drive over the Delta Works, or can view the dams from inside. The Delta Park Neeltje jans and Haringvliet Expo tell the visitors about the construction, the past and the future of these amazing storm barriers.

Water Park

Deltapark Neeltje is a water park and the visitor centre in the Delta Works. This water park is mostly for the children. It has water slides, marine animals, animal shows and other water activities. There is also a restaurant complex that has film shows about the dams. There also is a fishing trawler and a dolphin hospital.

The Delta Works offer a serene environment as people get to experience one of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World.

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