Corbett National Park entrance
Photo by: njyo, Creative Commons

Dhangarhi is located in the far western part of Nepal near the Indian border, and is about 660 meters away from Kathmandu. Dhangarhi is usally used as an entry and exit point of people coming from India since it is only a six-hour drive from New Delhi and five minutes away from the Indian border. People who travel here say that the main attraction of Dhangarhi is the fact that it serves as the main entrance to the Corbett National Park which is mainly in India.

The Dhangarhi museum is one of the major attractions of the town which is part of the Corbett National park. Inside the museum, there are glass boxes containing the heads of several species of animals like elephants and tigers. The part of Corbett National Park that lies in Dhangarhi is home to several animals, especially tigers and rhinos. A few kilimeters away from the Dhangarhi gate are resorts that offer full board and accommodation.

These resorts also offer touring packages that tourists can choose from to see the different species of animals that are found in the park. Dhangarhi is also considered as the bread basket of Nepal. The climate of Dhagarhi is subtropical with temperatures ranging from 40-42 degrees Celcius. Dhangarhi is a small town and is mainly untouched. Lush, rolling hills can be seen and there are many areas to take a stroll.

Dhangarhi is a place that is not well-know yet which is why it is also an ideal place for people who would like to explore and who would like to bask in the natural, untouched beauty that it has to offer.

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