Dhulikhel city view
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

Another ideal retreat travel destination is Dhulikhel, Nepal. It is usually a favorite stop-off point for people wishing to cross the Tibetan border. Dhulikhel is found near the Himalayas and is elevated 1550 meters above sea level. It is easier to travel here via the Arniko Highway which is now a modern road. Dhulikhel is considered the administrative point of Kavrepelanchok District, Nepal.

Formerly a Newar settlement, Dhulikhel buildings and structures serve as the manifestation of the artistry of this ethnic group. Renowned for their excellent craftmanship and woodcarving, their works can be seen in most traditional homes and ancient temples. Dhulikhel offers an awe-inspiring view of the Himalayas from the Langtang ranges to the famous Mount Everest. A blue haze that usually covers the lower part of the mountains gives off the impression that they are floating in the air.

More than twenty peaks can be seen in full glory at this stage. The cool breeze, the spectacular scenery and the lush, green hills serve as a paradise for nature-lovers out there. The Old Town is another sight to behold in Dhulikhel. It comprises of a complex of traditional houses that show off the superb craftmanship and culture of the Newari people.

This city that has been inhabited for five centuries makes one feel as though he has travelled back in time. It is said that the settlement is protected by two deities, Swet Bhairav and Narayan.

Dhulikhel is considered the foremost point for mountain sight-seeing. It is truly a wonderful combination of nature, culture and history.

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