Dingle Peninsula

Dingle Peninsula 400
Dingle Peninsula
Photo by: PlassPhoto, Creative Commons

The Southwestern coast of Ireland has long inlets that divide several peninsulas from each other. One of the most famous peninsulas is the Dingle Peninsula, where you can experience Irish culture at its best. The hills and pastures are covered with beautiful green grass and subtropical flower gardens. The sight of the rocky shores and fishing villages in this area are truly refreshing and relaxing. Stressed and worn out city dwellers find solace at Dingle.

There are about 1,500 people in the town of Dingle. You will find busy fishing boats and leisure sailboats on the harbor, and you’ll notice that its streets are filled with cheerful shops and pubs that welcome everyone. Looking at the shops and building, you will notice that they are colored different from one another. That’s because thirty years ago, Ireland had a “tidy town” competition that inspired the people to use pastel colors in painting buildings.

In the 1970s, most of those who visited the Dingle Peninsula were students of Irish culture. Things changed after it was introduced in the movie, Ryan’s Daughter. Since then, the peninsula has been known for its spectacular sceneries and its wonderful music. It boasts of a rich historic and cultural heritage that blends beautifully with the sight of its playful and friendly dolphins. There are also a lot of sheep here – there are about 500,000 of them!

The peninsula’s unique beauty did not make it attractive only to English landlords and sensible monks in the past; Hollywood directors have easily realized its value as well. On the Dingle Peninsula roads are lined with elegant fuchsias that greet the weary traveler.

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