Dire Dawa

Dire Dawa Train Station
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

Dire Dawa is a commercial and industrial center in the Harar region, Ethiopia. As an industrialized city, the place is teeming with manufacturers of processed meat, textiles, vegetable oil, and cement. The city was founded in 1902 and quickly ended up to large trades.

Industrialization has spared Dire Dawa’s rich cultural heritage. It has a wealth of pre-historic cave paintings that is recognized internationally. The caves are numerous that some have not yet been studied. It is a constant destination of French and American geologists.

Kefira is the city’s traditional marketplace and houses a regular colourful presentation of all people in their native dresses. Go back to medieval times with the presence of camels, donkeys, two wheeled carts drawn a horse, and Gharris that decorates the marketplace.

The largest mosque found in the city is an Italian mosque. The shrines and mosques that is scattered around Dire Dawa is a testimony to the deep spirituality of its people. Christians have also built St. Michel’s Catholic Church, which is over 115 years old. The church is a constant gathering place for thousands of Catholics especially during the October month where they crowd in the church in their full numbers.

It also houses an international and domestic airport so it is easily reachable. The extensive network of buses and other public transportation makes Dire Dawa an easy yet adventurous city to explore. Relax in its rich history coupled with the comfort of an industrialized city. The warm and dry climate of the city is a perfect getaway venue for those who want to take a break from the hassles of life.

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