A Camel Caravan in Libya
Photo by:
ruba ch
, Creative Commons

The town of Dirj in Libya is a place for traditional Libyan culture. This little town reflects traditional Libyan culture more accurately than other towns in Libya. It is considered as a little oasis in the middle of the desert.

Within the town of Dirj, an abandoned old village of Old Dirj can be found. You can find traditionally constructed houses that were built many years ago. During the month of September, a festival is conducted in the town called the Dirj Tourist Festival for Arts and Heritage. The authorities of the town arranged this festival in order to honor the visiting tourists in their town; so if you want to have a worthwhile visit at Dirj, try to visit during the month of September. The locals also host the Dirj Exhibition where traditional works reflecting their craftsmanship are displayed for appreciation. This includes clay pots, wooden tools, animal skin containers and straw food covers.

When visiting Dirj, you can reach the town through the road branching from the other towns of Ghadames, Nalut and Qaryat. Various souvenir shops can be found in the town as well where you can purchase some souvenir items. You can also spend the night in the town as the Tsawa hotel offer hotel services for Dirj tourists.

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