Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay is an attractive natural harbor located in between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. It is believed to have been the place where Christopher Columbus first set foot in Jamaican soil.

Discovery Bay is a calm and quiet beach whose scenic feature is undeniably alluring. With brilliant blue waters and white sand, it is a quiet paradise in Jamaica. It is originally named Puerto Seco which literally means dry harbor.

It is a great tourism area in Jamaica. You can easily find a nice villa to stay in and it is one of the best places to have fun under the sun and snorkel while enjoying the beauty of the undersea.

Discovery Bay is a breathtaking sight and a historic place in the heart of Jamaica.


  1. Puerto Seco Beach. It is among the most wonderful beaches in Jamaica where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of a vacation while feeling the Jamaican smell and taste in your senses. It is near Columbus Park and is filled with the locals. Most of all, you can enjoy the tasty Jerk cuisine in the area for an authentic Jamaican experience.
  2. The Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory. This is a good place to enrich your awareness about the natural water resources and wildlife in Discovery Bay. The marine laboratory is an excellent place for researches, seminars, educational trips, and workshops.
  3. Columbus Park. This is an open air park and museum which commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus in Jamaica. It features a mural which shows the events during its discovery by the great explorer from whom it was named after.

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