DL Bliss State Park

Landing View at DL Bliss State Park
Photo by: naan, Creative Commons

One of the great nature spots in California is the DL Bliss State Park. It is one of the best sites where people can see the depths of Lake Tahoe, distant shores of Nevada, and various cliffs and mountain sceneries.

D.L. Bliss State Park was named after a famous railroad owner, lumberman, and banker of the state after their family contributed 744 acres of land area to the State Park system in 1929. The location if the park is in Highway 89, 17 miles south of Tahoe City. Going to the place is already relaxing because it is near the Emerald Bay, Alpine Meadows, and the Fallen Leaf Lake.

The State Park features many natural sites fit for tourists and nature-lovers. The site also has a huge camping ground and a beautiful beach where visitors can see a stunning daylight. Aside from camping, tourists can also swim in the lake or in the beach. Kayaks and canoes can be rented in the site. Visitors can also bring their food and drinks and have a picnic outside their cottages. However, park rangers and workers in the site warn people about bees and huge bears.

The temperature of the park during summer ranges from 75 degrees in the day and 40 degrees at night. During the winter season, the temperature goes down to 40-20 degrees which is extremely cold. Because of the cold temperature during winter, campgrounds are closed.

The main attractions of the nature park are: the Sand Harbor, Rubicon Lighthouse, Lester Beach, and the Rubicon Trail/Point which leads to the Emerald Bay and the Vikingsholm Castle. There is also the Balancing Rock Nature Trail which can be found in the western shore of Lake Tahoe. The Balancing Rock is a famous 130 tons granite rock which is maintaining its equilibrium in two pedestals.

DL Bliss Park is a relaxing place to visit. People can learn more about nature and appreciate the relationship of each species in the park. It is a very nice ecotourism spot to see.

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