City of Dnepropetrovsk
Photo by: Wikipedia, Creative Commons

The city of Dnepropetrovsk is in east-central Ukraine. It is a huge steel and iron city, and its population is about one million. It also maintains its aerospace industry, as well as, its machine building industry since the Soviet Union era. Dnepropetrovsk was also among the major centers of arms, space, and nuclear industries during that time. But today, not much of the past can be seen in this city. Most of its nineteenth century architectures have been destroyed. A lot of ancient churches and notable buildings are now gone. Good thing, there are still several remnants that have survived; and they are now visited by tourists.

Central Avenue, for instance, still retains its historical atmosphere. Even some parts in close proximity to Shevchenka and Global parks remain unscathed.

Dnepropetrovsk is also among Ukraine’s significant industrial centers. It has long boulevards, nice walkways, and open parks, as well. In addition, tourists may explore the city via its first-rate transportation systems. Public and private buses, as well as, electric trolley buses are widely available. Plenty of taxis, bicycles, and motorbikes may be used too. Tourists may even bring their private cars if they want. Moreover, the Dnepropetrovsk Metro is also accessible to the public.

Then, there are various museums and theaters, as well as an Opera house that tourists may want to visit. Most of these may only be appreciated by Russian speakers. Nonetheless, a number of parks, beaches, and restaurants are also great recreational areas. And they may be enjoyed by everyone, even non-Russian speakers. The main streets in this city might also piqué the curiosity of tourists because they are named after Marxist heroes. Karla Marksa Prospekt, for example, is a long and wide boulevard with beautiful buildings. Some years ago, Dnepropetrovsk ran out of funds to continue working on the stations of the city’s Metro. And two of such unfinished stations are in Karla Marksa Prospekt. But now, these stations have resumed completion.

Zhovtneva Square is another place with several astonishing buildings, such as the Museum of History. And if a tourist walks toward the Dnieper River from any of the three hills in the city, he will arrive on the Monastyrsky Island and to the Taras Shevchenko Park. Dnepropetrovsk is the home of Ukraine’s Premier League football club, as well. So, sports enthusiasts may go to the Dnipro Arena if they want to watch some football games.

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