Dordogne Noir

Dordogne Noir 400
Dordogne Noir, France
Photo by: shoes on wires , Creative Commons

They say that fairy tales are nothing but a work of some fictitious mind. Yes, these tales can only be made by the imagination, but there are places in the real world that are comparable to those found in fairy tales. If you want to travel to a place like that, you must go to Dordogne Noir, France.

Dordogne Noir is located in the Southwest region of Aquitaine in France. It is named after the river that runs all the way through this area. This place has castles, caves, and parks that all depict a lovely Fairy Tale setting.

One of the attractions in Dordogne Noir is the Commarque Castle. The castle is surrounded by woods that offer a place of exploration for its visitors. If you worry about getting tired from walking, you can rest in the shaded area provided, plus you can also quench your thirst by drinking the clear spring water.

Another place to visit in Dordogne Noir is the Gouffre de Proumeyssac, otherwise known as the Crystal Cathedral Cave. It is a renowned tourist destination where you will venture inside the cave by riding a big basket similar to that of a cable car. From this height you will be able to see some of the most beautiful scenery on the face of this earth.

Canoeing is a popular activity in Dordogne Noir, thanks to River Vezere and River Dordogne. This experience allows you to see the aquatic resources living fruitfully in the crystal-clear waters.

If shopping is your favorite activity, then you must go to Sarlat, a town that serves as a paradise for shopaholics. This town is famous for its weekend markets and excellent bargains on many souvenirs.

With all these different places conveniently located in one area, Dordogne Noir is a place worth a visit. You can experience many things all at the same time within a short period of time.

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