Harbor in Doula, Cameroon
Photo by: natapics , Creative Commons

Being the commercial capital of Cameroon, paying a visit to the city of Douala is a must. With the perfect tropical climate, you can come here and enjoy the great deals this city has to offer. In fact, this kind of climate will give you an illusion that you are not in Africa as the heat of the temperature does not rise that much even during summer.

In this great climate, you can witness a large variety of African wildlife, particularly in the Lobeke National Park. This city is also a home to the Baka pygmies, the most indigenous of all people in the world.

Also, you can take a tour to the highest point in western Africa here in the city. Mount Cameroon, an active volcano as well, is open for climbing expeditions. In addition, the areas just along the bank of the famous Wouri River are a must-see. There are many developed places along the river that provide a breathtaking view of the gulf of guinea in mango swamps.

Other great places to see in the city are Eko Market, Hotel Akwa Palace, La Nouvelle Liberte, La Pagode, and Joseph-Francis Sumegne.

So if you wish to experience a great Africa adventure without much heat, you can always experience this adventure in the tropical city of Douala.

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