Do you want to experience what it is like living in Malawi? If so, you should visit Dowa, Malawi. Dowa Malawi is a place where almost half a million people live. Most of the people who live in Dowa are ethnic groups like Chewa and Yao tribes. You will see a lot of Chewas in Dowa, though the Yao group is more predominant in the markets.

It is an interesting place to visit because you will learn a lot about the culture of Malawi, specifically Dowa. If you are lucky, you will be able to witness the popular Nyau dancing which is usually performed by Chewa dancers. This is a tradition left by the old ancestors of the ethnic group.

The town is a major agricultural community that sell crops like tobacco, pulses, sweet potatoes, maize, cotton, and groundnut. If you want o buy any of these crops, just visit one of their markets.

Dowa, Malawi has several land formations—from hills to mountains to flatlands. There are three major hills in Dowa, namely, Mlomba, Namatonje, and Mdolera hills. There are also a couple of much higher hills that are considered as small mountains—the Kongwe Hill and Chungwe Hill.

There are also forest reserves and mission places. Mission places are those areas that are being run by religious organizations that have houses, a church, hospital, and school. You can go here to know more about the local community.

There are also a few streams in the area that you will also find interesting. You can see several different natural resources in Dowa, Malawi and you will be able to bring a lot of Malawi memories with you.

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