Devorgilla Bridge over River Nith, Dumfries
Photo by: MairiMcCann , Creative Commons

Christened as the Queen of the South, Dumfries, Scotland is truly a wonder that boasts of picturesque attractions and unforgettable sights that continue to attract tourists worldwide. It is the largest city in the southwest of Scotland and is an ancient town that is notable for its culture and history.

Dumfries, Scotland is a romantic picturesque city with its beautiful lochs and captivating woodlands. One of the best places to visit is the medieval Castle Douglas which the only remaining tower was built around the 17th century. There is also the Threave Gardens which is a popular attraction located at the southwest of Castle Douglas. It boasts a 24 hectare garden that contains beautiful flowers and landscapes that truly captivate visitors who come to visit it.

A visit to Dumfries, Scotland can never be complete unless one takes a trip to Galloway Forest Park. It is the largest forest park in Great Britain and attracts a million tourists. Tourists can choose between a quiet and peaceful stroll on any of its woodland trails and breathe in the scenic beauty of the place. More adventurous tourists can choose to climb the highest peak in South Scotland. The park is every nature lover’s dream where walking, rock and ice climbing and even cycling are pleasurable activities to be enjoyed. There are well-developed mountain bike tracks in the park which are frequented by cyclists who want to ride while enjoying the sights of the forest park.

Another wonderful way to spend a day in Dumfries is by visiting the Dumfries Museum which stands above the town on top of a small hill. Interesting fossil footprints by prehistoric reptiles can be found here as well as tools of the early occupants of the region. Carvings by the first Christians in Scotland can also be found in this museum. The Theatre Royal is also a must-see which is the oldest working theater in Scotland.

If you want to experience a vacation that is filled with the sights of nature and with the richness of culture, Dumfries, Scotland is the best place to be.

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