The Popular Trades House Bar in Dundee
Photo by: blu-dog, Creative Commons

The only south-facing city in the whole of Scotland is the picturesque city of Dundee which radiates a welcoming atmosphere with its warm and sunny climate. This makes this city a beautiful attraction that invites tourists from all over.

The city of Dundee, Scotland is popularly referred to as the city of “jute, jam and journalism” which mainly contributed to the growth of the city’s economy. It is the original home of marmalade which has become popular throughout the world.

At present, Dundee is being promoted as the City of Discovery because of the historic scientific activities that take place here. It is home to the popular Antarctic exploration vessel that is anchored in the city harbor. The city also accounts for 10 percent of the digital entertainment industry of the United Kingdom because of the growing technological and biomedical industries that are based in the city. This is why Dundee is considered as a modern city yet its historic heritage still shines and continually attracts admirers from different places.

Like most of the places in the United Kingdom, Dundee also has many historic castles like Broughty Castle. It had been used for different purposes since its construction in 1495 and at present serves as a museum. Entering the castle is like taking a trip throughout its long history and one can almost feel what it was like during earlier times.

Other attractions include the Camperdown Wildlife Park that is home to rich flora and fauna. It is an ideal place for family camping and other functions. Interactions with the furry animals are very fun and surely, kids and even adults would have a wild time in this famous park.

Popular landmarks in the city are Gardyne’s Land in High Street which holds a collection of historically interesting and unique buildings. The oldest of these buildings is the Merchant’s House which is considered as the oldest house in Dundee, Scotland. The city also houses the only fulltime repertory ensemble in Scotland. It also has theaters and musical venues which hosts the annual jazz, guitar and blues festival in Dundee. Tourists who have the ear for music find fulfillment in this beautiful Scottish dwelling.

The rich culture of Dundee, Scotland includes a mixture of races because of the growing number of immigrants who have come to live and thrive in this beautiful Scottish city. There are immigrants from Italy, Poland as well as from Asia. Despite the melting pot of cultures that thrive in the city, Dundee is able to retain a rich cultural heritage of its own.

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