Lake Malawi in Dwangwa
Photo by: wiki, Creative Commons

One of the most popular natural destinations in Malawi is the Malawi Lake. In this lake, you will see endless expanse of clear and still water. You can take a swim into the lake and see different species of colourful fish and other lake animals. They are so close that you want to stretch out your hands to touch them. But of course you will not be able to because they move very fast at the slightest movement.

One area near the famous Malawi Lake is Dwangwa, Malawi. This is a populated city where you can see buildings. This is also a place where a lot of people in Malawi work, which means that it is a business district. What better place to travel in Africa than in Dwangwa, Malawi where people can see great natural landscapes yet still stay in a city?

You might want to book a hotel in advance because the city is one of the places where many travellers and tourists stay. This is because there are a few cities or towns in Malawi where there are a number of accommodations.

While in Dwangwa, Malawi, you will see the breathtaking Malawi Lake. It is a nice experience to swim in the lake or to just feel its magnificence. Aside from the lake, you will also find a number of streams in the area. There are more than ten streams in Dwangwa. You will also see a collection of different species of flora and fauna in these streams. There are also marshes or wetland where you can find grass-like vegetation.

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