Bogdkhan Uul Strictly Protected Area, Mongolia
Photo by: yeowatzup, Creative Commons

Dzuunmod, Mongolia or Zuunmod is found in the province of Tov and is located at the southern part of Bogd Khan Uul and Ulan Bator. The 19.18 square kilometer town was established in 1942 to be the center Tov aimag with different natives and ethnic tribe inhabitants with Khalks as the majority.

Though the main traffic is located in Ulan Bator using the railways which include the Trans-Mongolian largest railway station and the international airport, an unpaved small airport can be used to travel going to Dzuunmod.

What can be seen from the west side of this aimag are Khentii Mountains and Tuul River. Sights to visit include the nearby Manzushir Monastery in the national park of Bogd Khan Uul. Before the monastery was destroyed by communists, it was home to 300 monks and 20 temples since its establishment in 1733. After the time of democratization, the people managed to restore the last temple which now holds a small museum.

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park covers the side of Khentii Mountains which is popular because of its rock formations including a formation that resembles a giant turtle on the right angle.

Situated at the south west side of Ulan Bator is Khustayn Nuruu National Park. It is where the wild horses or Przewalski horses are found. Their project of releasing these horses into this park has attracted tourists and foreigners.

Another protected sight to visit is Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve which homes different species of animals that are usually found in Mongolia.

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