Echternach Dorp (Quaint little town)
Photo by: ernohannink, Creative Commons

Near the border of Germany, along the nanks of the Sure’ River, the majestic town of Echternach is found. The town is another place in the country of Luxembourg that offer visitors endless sights and sounds. Enchternach, Luxembourg is filled with kilometers long system of foot paths, so you can roam and admire the whole city on foot.

The footpaths lead to the town’s tourist attractions like rocks formations and sculptures, waterfalls, and woodlands. The town is also famous for an event that happens only on Whit Tuesday: the dancing procession. This event is the only one of its kind around the world and anticipated by numerous visitors all over the world. The dancing procession is a tradition that dates back centuries ago.

The medieval atmosphere of the place is enhanced by ancient houses and ramparts, and narrow streets that form a maze around the town. Many of the buildings in Echternach are religious monuments like The Basilica that contains a white marble sarcophagus where the remains of St. Willibrord are kept. The Basilica is also adorned with frescoes believed to be painted in the 1100s. Major events are also hosted in the Basilica where great musicians serve as guest performers. The parish of St. Peter and Paul church also located in Echternach is believed to be oldest Christian church in the whole country.

The town hall is a historic building built in the 15th century. The town hall overlooks the colorful Market Square that hosts several merchandise endemic in the town. There are also pavilions of historical significance. The Abbey Museum and the Museum of Prehistory are places you can also visit. Entertainment and recreation centers are located around the town. Roam around the place either on bike or on foot.

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