Eforie Nord

Eforie Nord
Photo by: hbunny, Creative Commons

Eforie Nord is another town in Romania that boasts of great beaches. It’s a favourite place to visit by most French, German, and Dutch citizens. It is located near the Black Sea, and on the maritime side of the South Dobrogea plateau. The town is divided into north and south. The first settlement of mud baths was arranged in Eforie North. The Techirghiol Lake is in Eforie South. The area is home to some of the famous spa resort among Eastern Europeans, with traditional services such as mud treatments, massages, full-spas, and electro-therapy.

Being home to world-class resorts and beaches, Eforie Nord offers also some of the best Romanian accommodations: Dakkar Resort Hotel, Hotel Cherica, Hotel Europa, Fintia, Villa Colonial, Ten Hotel Union, and Hotel El Stefanino.

The Eforie Sud is the town’s center and is perfect for strolling around or having a quiet tour. Here you can go for cheap eats and do sightseeing of steep hills and cliffs. The good part is, the beaches are still within walking distance. The Europa Yacht Club is one of the best and classiest private beaches in town. It’s a little harbour with a concrete roadway that links the enclosed club area towards the main southern beach and the very nice Hotel Europa.

The Youthful Costinesti is another long beach strip that is a favourite among tourists too. It used to be a fishing village, but now it’s a haven for water addicts and a place where nice hotels and resort villas are erected. Other fun things that Eforie Nord offers are parties, nightlife, and believe it or not, shopping.

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