Eger Monument at dusk
Photo by: ** Maurice **, Creative Commons

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane when you visit Eger, Hungary. It has one of the sites that have several museums and old restored places for all visitors to see. What is in Eger that most tourists adore? The first one would be the Istvan Dobo Castle Museum. In this place you would see waxworks being displayed all year long. If you are a fan of these waxworks then you will enjoy other attractions within the confines of the museum. An underground fortress has all the Baroque art as well as a cemetery too.

It would be best if you check the dates and time when it is open since there are days when you cannot see the entire museum. Well, not all kinds of museums house paintings and artifacts so better take a peek at the National Wine Museum to take advantage of the rich produce of Hungary – wine.

Eger is also a place known to be North Hungary’s Spa place. So for that much deserved R&R you could thank your lucky stars that you shall soon book a plane to this wonderful place. Known as a medical place, the waters of Eger are so clean and hot at the same time that you will enjoy being pampered to your heart’s delight.

There is the steam bath, the well-know Turkish bath and even a huge pool wherein hundreds of people would fit in one time. Well aside from the calming waters of Eger, you would be able to see their flowers and plants all a bloom too. Hungary is on fertile ground so basically any kind of plant would be able to grow there. Just keep in mind that it is deemed rude to just go picking the flowers without asking your tour guide if you could do it. Otherwise, you might get some frowns when they see that you have a flower tucked behind your ear.

It might shock you at first and leave you with sniffles but once your body adjusts to the water’s temperature, you will love it at first or second soak.

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