El Dorado Gold Mine

Old Mine Entrance
Photo by: Graham and Sheila, Creative Commons

Aside from being well known for its vast parks and majestic glaciers, Alaska is also known for having gold deposits. If you want to start or end your tour in Alaska with a bang, you should go and visit the El Dorado Gold Mine. There is a guided tour which will give you the chance to learn the quest of people in order to get gold and get rich as well! You will also get the chance to pan and get gold. It will definitely be an experience that you will treasure (pardon the pun).

The gold mine is a destination which is going to be enjoyable for people of all ages. You will not only get to experience how to search and pan for a real gold, you will also be equipped with knowledge you never thought you would know. The train ride which will bring you to the actual gold mine is going to be an enjoyable one. The travel to the destination alone is worth remembering for. The staff, the driver and the conductor will not let you feel bored or idle; you will be surprised as to how they will entertain you. Learning along with entertainment is one of the best features of the tour in the gold mine.

Panning for gold may appear to some as boring and dirty, but once you get to experience it first hand, you will realize how fun it is! The step by step process, from steps to proper panning, you will learn and enjoy this when you visit the gold mine. It is going to be one of the best moments you will get to experience with the family. One good service that the place has is the availability of wheelchairs for people who are disabled. This place is for everyone to enjoy!

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