El Presidio de Santa Bárbara

Sad but true, the history of mankind is filled with conflicts and wars which took millions of lives. Centuries ago, war has been the measure of power and success of any state and country. Now, with the creation of various international organizations aiming to halt any possible war, we are lucky not to experience the pain brought by warfare. Today, museums, books and the internet provide us ways to reminisce the historical events which took place in the past. But what better ways to remember history than to go to a place like El Presidio Historic Park where history actually happened?

Located in the coast of Alta in Santa Barbara California, Santa Barbara El Presidio Historic Park was a refuge for settlers made by the Spanish government to protect them against attack and invasion. Founded on April 21, 1782, the El Presidio was last in the chain of four military fortresses built by the Spaniards during that time.

At present, only two sections of this historical part remain, namely: the family residence of the soldier assigned to guard the western gate and the Canedo Adobe. Nevertheless, it retained its grandeur and still has a rich history from the past. It is for this reason that people of all ages come and visit this fortress. This gives them a sense of pride and appreciation of the rich history of Santa Barbara.

The moment you wake up in the morning, last night immediately becomes part of history. But this does not mean that history must be forgotten. The Park is a place home for memorable stories of people who experienced the hardships of warfare. Visiting this historic park will give you and sense of price and admiration to the deep history of Santa Barbara.

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