Old Stone House in Encamp, Andora
Photo by: soschilds, Creative Commons

Encamp is a town located just 4 kilometers away from Andorra La Vella, the country’s capital. Aside from being a place to ski and snowboard, there is much more that Encamp has to offer visitors. Encamp is one of the most well preserved places in the world; structures from the Middle Ages still stand to this day. Even some of the houses in Encamp are made of rocks and stone suggesting it has been around for hundreds of years.

Places to see:
• Complex of Les Bons – a very well preserved complex that has stood since the Middle Ages. It consists of a defense tower, the medieval village of Les Bons and the Church of Santa Roma. During July and August, there are free guided tours that will show you around the complex.
• Other Churches – Aside from the Church of Santa Roma, there are other churches in Encamp that have been erected during the Middles Ages. These are: Church of Saint Mark and Maria and the Parish Church of Saint Eulalia.
• Musue Nacional de Automobil – One of the most famous museums in Andorra. It contains a very large collection of antique cars; some even date back to 1898. Vintage motorcycles and bikes are also on display in this museum
Things to do:
• Aside from skiing, you can also go hiking or camping in Encamp especially during the summer. You can camp and hike around the woods that surrounds Engolaster Lake. The scenery it provides is absolutely magnificent and calm.
• If you want to test your endurance, you can go mountain climbing or mountain biking in the hills in Encamp.

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