Encinitas Beaches

Beaches along Encinitas Shoreline
Photo by: Allan Ferguson, Creative Commons

Encinitas is not just your ordinary seaside town in San Diego, California. It is flocked by visitors all year round because of the pristine and wonderful beaches that dot the shoreline. But it can be said however, that indeed the beaches make people come to Encinitas, but it’s the laidback, beach culture that make the people stay in Encinitas for a very long time.

About Town
The climate in Encinitas is perfect for an afternoon stroll because as the climate is mild – not too hot in the day, and crisp and warm at night. Encinitas has five areas, all of which are sprawling with golden coast. There is the Old Encinitas, New Encinitas, Olivenhain, Leucadia and Cardiff by the sea. You can expect flash packers and vacationers who reside in very modern and chic facilities, along with mellowed down to earth sun worshippers who set up tents and get closer to nature. From San Diego California, Encinitas is 25 miles up north. When you are coming from Los Angeles, you can reach Encinitas which is 95 miles south of LA.

Beaches in Encinitas is where the bright, cheerful and golden California sunshine can be best enjoyed. There are three major beaches in Encinitas the Moonlight State Beach, Swami’s and the D Street stretches of sandy coast, all of which have distinct qualities from one another. Moonlight State Beach, which is the most accessible, is a hit to vacationers and even to the locals.

If you’re the sporty type, you can enjoy several water sports such as surfing and diving. There are also several eclectic shops by the shore where you can get acupuncture treatments, yoga sessions which will make you feel more relaxed during your vacation.

Encinitas is not all about beaches. The city also boasts of annual events such as an Oktoberfest celebration and the Poinsettia Festival, usually celebrated around November. Apart from that, fun and exciting car shows are available during the year.

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