Some of the domesticated animals in Mongolia
Photo by: yeowatzup, Creative Commons

Arkhangai aimag is one of the 21 aimags of Mongolia. It is surrounded by other aimags namely Bulgan, Bayankhongor, Khövsgöl, Övörkhangai, and Zavkhan. A small town situated in the northern part of Arkhangai province is Erdenenmandal near Tsetserleg.

Because this aimag is surrounded by different aimags, you can travel and go sightseeing from one place to another. Their main economy is agriculture and raising domesticated animals such as goats, horses, sheep, and cattle.

While in Erdenenmandal, you can go to the small market just around the area for your basic needs and supplies. Fuel for vehicles such as diesel and gas are hardly available. Because of this, there are times that vehicles and public transport is not available. A small central post office with a phone line can also be found within the area.

Erdenemandal is a migratory place for nomads living in the farthest parts of aimags and other provinces during the harsh winter conditions. They set up their gears and yurts to protect them from fierce winds and snow which can go down from −30 to −38 degree Celcius.

Rivers you can visit nearby include Chuluut, Tamir, and Khanui rivers which are all tributaries of the Selenge watershed. A lake is found on the west part of the town, Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur. Legends say that the lake was created when a giant threw a huge rock on a water passage which eventually formed the lake and they called the rock that was said to have landed on the farther east of the aimag Taikhar Chuluu.

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