Esna Temple

Esna Temple 400
Esna Temple by the Nile River
Photo by: Paul Mannix, Creative Commons

Lovers of Egyptian mythology will enjoy this ancient shrine located near the Nile River. The Esna Temple or Temple of Khnum is a sacred shrine at Esna, Egypt dedicated to several gods primarily to Khnum (god of creation and the Nile River) but also to Heka (god of magic), Horus (god of victory) and Neith (god of war).

Esna Temple is built in Ancient Latapolis, about 485 mi south of Cairo. The roof of the building holds an interesting representation of ancient Egyptian astronomy. It supported by 6 sturdy columns decorated with floral patterns of which still holds faint original color.

Hieroglyphs are all over the place from the roof to the walls. You can see representations of Egyptian kings giving cryptographic praise to Khnum. There is a statue of goddess Menhyt in the courtyard. The oldest part of the building, hypostyle hall has doors that are used as entrance and exits of Egyptian priests.

The artifacts and hieroglyphs of the temple are not results of one-time constructions. Tuthmosis III erected the building during the 18th dynasty but Romans and Greeks also incorporated their art influence on the site later resulting to mixed art forms all over the structure.

The site is drowned in its own debris because of old age and natural weathering which adds to its ancient beauty. The interesting view in this temple is complimented by the Nile River where cruise boats can park. The place is accessible to the nearest market which is great for your shopping of local cuisine and goodies.

The Egyptian authorities are constantly renovating the Esna Temple to make sure that it will stand for the future generations to admire. After all, Egypt will not be as magical tourist spot if it were not for its well-preserved artifacts.

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