Herons Nest overlooking Espoo
Photo by: wili hybrid, Creative Commons

Espoo is the second biggest city in Finland, next to Helsinki. The city consists mostly of large bodies of water, a variety of town-size centers and suburbs, and many central parks.

Even though most tourists prefer Helsinki for sightseeing, there are many tourist spots in Espoo that are worth visiting as well. Only Espoo has one of the best water parks in Europe: the Serena Water Park. Tourists are sure to have a great time with their loved ones in this water park that features swimming pools, exhilarating rapids, Jacuzzis, lazy rivers, and water slides. In addition, Espoo’s claim to fame is the Marketta Park, the largest permanent garden throughout Finland. A very popular district in Espoo is Tapiola, which is dubbed as the garden city that boasts of a wonderful blend of natural greeneries and architecture.

Tapiola is a great destination for those looking for lots of shopping centers.
Likewise, showcasing of Finnish culture and tradition is not the monopoly of Helsinki, as Espoo also has much to offer to its visitors. The Espoo Cultural Center holds regular concerts for music enthusiasts. For those who want to see painting exhibits, the pace to visit is the Gallen Kallela Museum. And for auto enthusiasts, the Espoo Automuseo features a wide variety of vehicles in Espoo. It is in fact the biggest auto event of its kind in Finland.

Even though it is only second to Helsinki in terms of size and population, Espoo is not trailing behind when it comes to tourist attractions.

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