Essaouira, Morocco
Photo by: hemflock , Creative Commons

One of the most attractive cities in Morocco is Essaouira. The name Eassaouira is the equivalent of “image” and nothing can be more appropriate because it is a picture-perfect place. This is also a popular place among famous artists like Orson Welles, Bob Marley, and Jimi Hendrix, to name a few. The setting itself is a great inspiration for budding artists—from poets to musicians to painters.

This creative city in Morocco is located along the coast, though it cannot really be classified as a beach town. You can see many culturally different things in the harbour like fishermen unloading their catches, locals and tourists alike bargaining with vendors, and people eating sizzling sea foods in noisy and colourful souks.

Aside from these activities, there are also many places that you can visit in Essaouira, Morocco. One place is the l’Atelier Madada, a restaurant that serves traditional Moroccan dishes. In this restaurant, you will experience eating the most delectable Moroccan dishes which made this cuisine one of the bests.

Another fun activity that you can do in Essaouira, Morocco is to ride a quad bike. Palmaquad offers tourists a three-hour tour around the city using a quad bike. The guides are kind and very helpful plus they will give you a collection of photos on a CD. This is a great addition especially since you are too busy driving the quad bike to take pictures.

If you are into horseback riding, you should try Zouina-cheval. You might need to spend a week or so in Morocco because Zouina-cheval is a two-day, one-night night trek on horses. The guide is very friendly and funny and the whole trek is pretty amazing. You will experience sleeping under a blanket of dark blue sky sprinkled with bright stars while inside your tent. You will also see the sun setting down before you go to sleep and experience waking up hearing the waves crashing to the shore.

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